When you’re starting your new challenge it’s normal to be lost.

How do I measure my success?

What should be my priorities? 

If you’re asking yourself these questions you can benefit from mentorship.


Your team needs ways to develop.

You know what could take your team to the next level and need a specialist.

When nothing on the market suits, try tailored trainings.


Are you lost?

Looking for your next thing?

Stuck in an old way of being and looking for a way out?

Coaching helps you find the answers that you’re hiding in yourself.

Helen Maidre

The time I spend in genuine contact with other people is when I am happiest. Already during my school years, I was actively teaching senior citizens to use computers.

In my work life I’ve trained people on a range topics like Time Management and Prioritisation to Answering Customer Complaints. I've spent years interviewing people for customer support, engineering and sales, this has taught me to dig deeper into who people really are.

My most enjoyable time was working with first time leaders. Helping TransferWise's new leads onboard to their roles gave a lot back. It was rewarding to see how my mentorship and coaching helped people reach their potential. 

I’ve also led workshops about Wellbeing and Burnout. Having been through burnouts myself I consider it a topic that needs attention. I have a healthy respect for people and organisations that work on this topic.

Today I am in the leadership team and a founding member of Must Post Media. I consider it a bonus to my career in helping people learn and grow. I believe that being actively involved in day to day work, leadership and project management (even laying down in a ditch holding a camera) makes me better at mentoring, training and coaching.



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